It's the dawn of a
new era of mobility

With us, you go electric the easy way.

This is our mission, our motivation, and our passion. In the future electric mobility should no longer be determined by ownership.

It should become a service every person has access to if needed. A service with a seamless user experience that simply works and that can be operated efficiently.

We are proud to be members of BVRLA.

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Know Your Facts


The majority of electric cars are now capable of travelling more than 100 miles on a charge –  up to 300 miles in some cases.


According to the website Zap-map there are almost 16,000 charging places in the UK - with 500 being  added every month.


Winning the race to be the home of the UK’s battery development centre is a key building block in making Coventry the UK’s Motor City once again.


On average, electric vehicles will emit half the CO2 emissions of a diesel car by 2030, including the manufacturing emissions - according to the T&E think tank.


Electricity suppliers such as OVO have a special EV tariff that, combined with the right charging supplier could save you hundreds of pounds per year. To compare your next electric car, use the comparison tool on Next Green Car. Find out more here.


You get massive torque from the moment you touch the accelerator – with the new LEAF, you can accelerate faster than an equivalent
2.5-litre V6 petrol engined car.

What's powering electric ZOO?

Let's meet the team

EZoo by numbers

Ownership reinvented

Meet our people

Lash Saranna

Chief Executive Officer

Originally a petrolhead, Lash founded Porsche Autobahn in 1985.
and spent over 30 years developing a strong reputation for the
sale of European prestige cars both in the UK and internationally.

He had the vision for expanding people’s use of electric cars
by test diving a Tesla and being blown away by the concept
of driving a great car but making a positive change towards tomorrow’s
automotive world at the same time.

You could say we converted him from unleaded to electric!


Charnjit Saranna

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Director for the Autobahn group with over 30 years’ experience in the motor industry.
Charnjit has an adept handling of all financial systems and data and is well versed in
all elements of vehicle supply with experience in currency exposure and trade finance.

She is now in the driving seat of ensuring our customers get the best deals through
a rigid procurement process with the manufacturers and their agents.

She’s a working mum and has completely embraced doing the school run purely on electric!

Helen Herniman

Chief Operating Officer

Helen trained with Grant Thornton and is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW).

As head of operations, Helen is in charge of making the process of delivering great cars to our customers as painless as possible.
She’s hands on, and holds the environment close to heart. She describes working for Electric Zoo as her dream job - getting to work
in the automotive industry but also doing great things for the environment.

For an accountant by trade, she's a fun character and adds another dimension to Electric Zoo.


Sukhi Saranna

Centre Manager

Having studied Mathematics at Aston University, Sukhi joined the Autobahn Team in 2011 on the sales and logistics front. Working in the A45 showroom as Assistant Manager as part of a team of 18 people, main responsibilities included sales target reporting, managing monthly reporting and supply chain/logistics management.

In 2012 following restructure Sukhi helped the business grow export sales onwards in a digitally structured business, handling all logistics and achieving growth in sales. Sukhi has experience in all aspects of the business, from supply chain to delivery to the customer.





David Howat

Chief Asset Manager

David commenced his working life with the Bank of Scotland in Retail banking progressing to International banking where he gained his Associate and Members Qualifications for the Institute Of Bankers In Scotland.

David set up the Mann Island Finance Division for the West of Scotland where he gained an in depth knowledge of the broker marketplace and established valuable contacts within the Prestige car marketplace.

From the experience gained over the years working with and for one of the largest brokers in the UK, David set up Forward Asset Finance jointly with Lash Saranna in 2007 which has developed an on-line leasing arm of the business under

EZoo in numbers

We’re not driven by numbers, but we’ve put together a few key stats so that you can get a simpler view of the EV World we live in today.


Value Added Tax (VAT) - electricity used to recharge a plug-in vehicle at home attracts only a 5% level of VAT, much lower than road fuels (20%).

£2,940 BIK (Benefit in Kind)

Over four years, up to including 2020/21, a lower rate company car driver would pay £2,940 less in BIK tax driving the electric vehicle, while a higher rate taxpayer would pay £4,880 less.

£0 Tax

Pure electric cars are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) to offer full support for those opting for the very cleanest cars and vans.


The UK has a growing public charging network of over 16,000 charge point connectors, making it easy to top-up your charge when you’re out.

80% in 30m

Rapid chargers are a lot more powerful than regular chargers, meaning they can charge up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.


Using a dedicated home charging unit (rather than your standard home plug, a 13 amp socket) is the easiest, safest and recommended way to charge at home. There is a Government grant of up to £500 towards the installation. Work charge points attract up to 75% government grant.

Ownership reinvented – The EZoo way

We’ve changed one important factor about owning a car. We've now taken it to usership.

Our offering changes the way we all think about car ownership.

With Electric Zoo, you can try your chosen EV for up to 3 days before you commit fully to a longer-term contract.

We think this is a game changer, as you can do all the things you do in an ordinary car and see if it fits – do the school run, commute to work, do the shopping.

After that; If it doesn’t feel quite right, try something else and you simply pay a small fee for the time you have the EV. It’s then deducted from your monthly payment if you decide to continue.

Once you’re ready you sign up for a contract that suits you – from 12 to 48 months – depending on your preference – exactly the same as your phone contract (apart from you can’t put it in your pocket or use it to text your best mate).

We don’t do up-front fees, or admin fees or back end fees, in-fact you pay just a small deposit plus your monthly fee that remains the same throughout the duration of your contract.