To say that Čezeta Type 506 will turn a lot of heads wherever it will appear is an understatement. Most likely it will blend the sound of dropping jaws and awe with the puzzled, shy approach of people seeing this machine for the first time. Type 506 retains the torpedo-shaped, exceedingly long body, with extreme care for minute details. This e-scooter looks more like a restored version of an old one, but everything is new, despite the ‘50s shaping.

The Type 506 accommodates a lithium-ion rechargeable pack with a 5kWh capacity, which Čezeta claims will provide the riders with a range of 75-85 km (46-53 miles), which is a very decent figure for city or even sub-urban use. Still, regenerative brakes, which are optional, could boost the range of the Čezeta Type 506 and it could reach 100 km (62 miles).





  • Can be recharged from practically any household socket in the world
  • The most powerful hub motor in the world, a unique 2-way throttle and programmable profile selector.
  • Hand crafted luxury delivered by the 'golden hands' of Čezeta craftsmen, the Type 506 provides levels of exclusivity and personalisation that make each bike an individual masterpiece.

What's included

From £495 pcm

Included in this vehicle package is:


  • Subscription of the Vehicle
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Specialist Electric Car Insurance Options available
    (most insurers don’t understand electric cars)
  • Charge point grant application
  • OLEV Qualified Electrical Engineers to fit Charge Points*


    *Cost of charge point to be borne by consumer, offset by grant.


  Please note: applications are subject to a credit check.

From £495 pcm